AFM Cleantech Goes Green – Keeping Office Work Environments Clean

Dust mites are one of the main causes of human ailments like Asthma, Chest and Sinus Problems.
Therefore, it is of utmost importance that working environments are kept dust and dirt free.

AFM Cleantech's Range of Robust Industrial Vacuum Systems for Offices, Workshops, Warehouses, Hospitals, and Schools have the best filter systems on the market. Our entire vacuum
cleaner range are supplied with Sub Micron Filters.

What is Micron Dust?

Micron dust is very fine powder-like dust e.g. Cement and Paint Dust. These sub micron filters prevent fine dust particles from becoming airborne. This way the harmful particles and dust mites are filtered out and are not inhaled. The result is cleaner air and a healthier, more productive workforce.

Office Cleaning Tips:
Daily vacuuming of all work areas. It is important to also vacuum air-conditioning louvers; remove the air conditioner's filter on a regular basis and wash.
Wipe down top surfaces of workstations with a durable wipe and an antibacterial chemical like AFM Enzyme and Odour Concentrate Product (At R99-00 + Vat.)
Telephones and Computer Keyboards Also need to be cleaned – this prevents the spreading of germs.
Avoid eating at your workstations – tests have proven that in some cases more bacteria and germs are present at your workstation than in toilets.