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Here is some good advice from the desk of our Workshop Manager, on looking after your rotary polisher scrubber.....

1. Take control

The best way to control a polisher is to lower the handle down to you hips. Place the handle against you hips. When turning on the machine make sure that the handle is firmly gripped. With a smooth movement lift the handle gently upwards if you want the machine to go right and move slightly down if you want the machine to go left. Once you get the hang of the machine you can relax and the cleaning will go smoothly.

2. Remove the drive disk after cleaning

When you have completed cleaning and are ready to pack the machine away, remember do not leave the drive disc (pad drive disc) on the machine. This causes damage to the disc. It could cause your machine to be off balance and wobble when in use.

3. Do not stretch the cable

If the machine does not reach find a closer wall socket. If the cable is stretched, it will break.

Wrap the cable around the cable guides that are on the machine, don’t just roll up the cable. This is to prevent the cable from twisting and breaking. A lot of repairs done to these machines involve the cable. Stretch out the cable make sure no bends or twist, then wrap the cable onto the guides.

4. Clean your machine

A build up of dirt and over-spray of polish builds up onto your handle and on you machine. This doesn’t look good and it is all about image when going to a customer. After all you are in the cleaning industry.

5. Stop-Start warning

Do not stop start you machine too many times in a short period of time. This is to prevent you start capacitor from blowing.

Remember your machine is like an employee if you treat it right

it will work for you.