When investing in quality industrial cleaning equipment, it is crucial to take appropriate care of your equipment to extend the years of service it will provide and to keep it in a good working condition.

Herewith some handy hints for maintaining your Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Machine that you have purchased from AFM Clean Tech, specialists in sales, hire and service / repair of industrial cleaning equipment.

After use the pump must be flushed out with clean water.

Fill the clean water tank with clean water (no chemicals).

Spray water out using your wand.

Swop wand with upholstery tool and continue spraying.

This will flush out your pump and your tooling.

Your wand and upholstery tool will need so attention as well.

Using a small amount of silicone grease, rub onto the piston of the triggers.

This will ensure smooth operation and slow down wear and tear on the pistons.

Looking after the switches.

When switching your machine on/off do not use your foot, rather bend down and switch it off by hand.

Yes, it is quick and easy to use your foot, but it causes damage to the switches.

Broken switches result in unnecessary expenses.

Keeping your machine clean.

Clean your machine after use. It will last longer.

You don’t want to go to a job with a dirty machine, after all you are in the CLEANING business.

The bottom line is, majority of the repairs to Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Machines can be prevented by following proper procedure and taking care of your equipment.

For assistance with any servicing and repair enquiries for all types of industrial cleaning equipment, kindly contact our Workshop for friendly and speedy service.