AFM clean tech has a large range of mopping systems which give better results through quality products and correct cleaning procedures


Damp / Wet Mopping

Always “cut-in” first.

Mop the floor area using the figure eight pattern.

Overlap each pass.

Keep the “heel” of the mop on the floor and use both sides of the mop.

To turn the mop over, keep the mop on the floor and gently roll over to avoid splashing the walls and skirting boards.

For edges and corners use the “cutting-in” method.

Keep the mop head parallel to the wall. This eliminates splashing and dirtying walls, which will result in wasting extra time to wash and wipe down.

Mopping Solution:

AFM Neutral Kleen is an all purpose cleaning detergent which is mild and effective.

This concentrated solution is mixed with warm water 1:20 and cleans Dirt and shoe marks without removing the sealer/polish.

Remember to change the water as dirty chemical and water will not Give sparkling results.

AFM double bucket systems – our Econo range with a polypropylene wringer or the AFM Geerpress double bucket with a steel wringer is the best option.

Clean water and dirty water buckets ensure that the cleaning is done hygienically and saves time without having to keep changing water. However, single bucket systems are also available for small areas.

For the best results always use CLEAN MOPS and CLEAN WATER.

AFM Clean Tech has other products such as the Luxury Lobby Mop, which is used to dry sweep hard floors keeping them dust free at all times.

Floor Cleaning Chemicals:

AFM carries a wide range of floor dressing chemicals, from neutral cleaners to floor polish, stripper, degreasers and even marble & terrazzo polishing powder.

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