The Home “Hangover” Remedy for Christmas and New Year Holidays

Home Hangover Remedy - Not what you're thinking. We are not referring to Family or Friends, we are talking bout the condition of your home in the aftermath of family functions, parties and school holidays.

The Big Clean Up

Let us take a look at the big clean up before and after the Festive Season

AFM has the solution and the remedy in the form of the AFM Maxi Carpet and Upholstery Extraction Machine.

The AFM Maxi is Compact and Easy to Use

This is a compact and easy to use system with “Maxi” results:-
Deep clean carpets, remove stains eg wine, coffee, cool drinks – (even the Raspberry reds that all the kids seem to love)
Curtain cleaning - not necessary to take down. Simply use the hand tool to spray and extract the dirt.
Lounge suites get new life and upholstered dining room chairs sparkle.
No dirty, underlying goings on in the bedrooms (the dust mite creep) - the AFM Maxi deep cleans Mattresses – leaving them fresh and dust free.

Handy Household Hints
Carpets need deep cleaning every 3-4 months. Regular cleaning gives carpets a longer lifespan.
Pet stains – use a weak solution of white vinegar and water. (Vinegar neutralizes the acid in urine) Spray onto the soiled stain, agitate with a soft brush, then use the AFM Maxi to rinse and extract the urine. Deodorize afterwards with AFM Air freshener to counteract the smell of vinegar.
Chewing gum/Prestick - Use an icepack or ice blocks from the freezer. Place ice on the gum or Prestick to harden it, then use a paint scraper and gently scrap off the excess.
New Carpets – remember to KEEP off cuts .In the even of damage eg cigarette burns, nail varnish spillages etc it can be easily repaired. Cut out the damaged piece with a Stanley knife, then cut a piece of the same size from the off cut, Stick down with Superglue. If done properly the repair will be invisible

So if you want your home to look bright and fresh for Christmas ( and then restore it to the same condition after the relatives have gone home again, consider giving a loved one (or yourself) the AFM Maxi for Christmas.
Contact Stephanie at sales [at] afm [dot] co [dot] za to discuss AFM Cleantech’s Special Christmas offer .