Upkeep and Maintenance of Hard Floors

First, we take a look at wooden floor surfaces like Oregon Pine, Parquet etc.

Gleaming wooden floors add warmth to homes. In order to clean and maintain these wooden floors there are two procedures to follow for successful results. Dry Stripping and Polish or Sand and Seal. In this article, we discuss the Dry Strip and Polish Technique.

Dry Strip and Polish

This technique requires regular maintenance.

Rotary Industrial Scrubber/polisher
Black or brown dry strip pads
White High Shine Buffing Pad.
Good Wooden Floor Liquid Wax.
Procedure/ Method:

Using a Rotary Scrubber/Polishing machine, fit a black or brown Pad to the pad drive. As water cannot be used on natural wooden Floors the surface is "dry stripped," this removes polish and dirt build up.

Once the entire floor surface is cleaned, either vacuum or sweep the floor to remove dirt particles and ensure the floor is dust free. Now apply the Liquid wax polish using a lamb's wool polish applicator to spread the polish evenly on the floor. Allow to dry thoroughly.

Using the Rotary Scrubber/Polisher (featured in the picture, right) fit the White Buffing Pad to the pad drive. Buff the floor to a lovely high shine.

This is an ongoing procedure and should be done regularly to keep wooden floors in peak condition.

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Look out for next week's Sanding and Sealing of Wooden Floors for the DIY Enthusiast